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"Building Bridges Across Relationship Barriers"

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"Building Bridges Across Relationship Barriers" 

All of us at one time or another have been overwhelmed emotionally.  Most of the time we have tried to adjust our emotions to fit the situation and our reactions have been designed to minimize the severity of the issues we are facing.   Sometimes this coping mechanism works; the situation clears up and life becomes relatively calm.

But there are also times when you cannot adequately cope with circumstances and your defense mechanisms just don't help.  Whether it is a death, divorce, illness, work, relationship issues or the enormous burden of being a caregiver, the inability to force emotions "back into a box" and to carry on as you have before becomes difficult, if not impossible.  When those times occur, it is essential that you realize the importance of thinking differently, of coming to grips with the fact that the best gift you can give to your loved ones is the gift of allowing yourself time and energy to focus on you, to heal in a healthy, time wise manner.  This decision must be made knowing that you may not necessarily have the support of those who are close to you.  This may be because there is genuine confusion about why you have been impacted or perhaps you have been a "giver" for so long that the comfort level in those around you has created its own paradigm.

We understand that it takes courage to seek support but this is a decision that will make you stronger and much more equipped to deal with crisis' in the future by providing you with effective, structured, coping mechanisms.  If you have been sad for a prolonged period of time, or if you have become disinterested in life in general, it is time to let us help you.

As you reflect on what you want to do, ask yourself the following questions.  I encourage you to take time to reflect on each question carefully and to write down your answers honestly and simply.

1.  How long have I felt this way?

2.  When did I start feeling this way?

3.  How have I changed since I've started feeling this way?

4.  How have my relationships changed since I've started feeling this way?

5.  What do I want to change about my life?  Do I know how, and do I have the courage, to do this?

Study your answers carefully and allow yourself to accept what you have written.  There is no need to correct the feelings you have expressed on paper.  This is actually the beginning of the healing process.

You deserve to heal.   Please call us for a free conversation about the issues you are facing. 

If you believe you are going to harm yourself or someone else, please understand that it is critical you call 911.  You are important and you need to be, and feel, safe.

Garland D. Smith, LMFT  -   Paula A. Smith, M.Ed, M.A.C