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The Journey From Here To There:  A 

Self Improvement Workbook

for Sex Offenders

Designed for use by program participants, this 161 page workbook effectively supports clinician selected treatment and is suitable for group or individual therapy treatment. Content is designed for a year long treatment modality utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in conjunction with the California Sex Offender Management guidelines for treatment. Our workbook is currently in use nationwide, including several prison programs.

Meets California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB)guidelines for treatment


(plus California tax)


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Chapter One:  The Impact of History

Chapter Two:  The Role of Denial in Maintaining Destructive Behaviors

Chapter Three:  Where Does It Begin…Where Does It End?   

Chapter Four:  Continuing, Unexpected, and Influential Factors 

Chapter Five:  Gaining Clarification and Insight:  Why I did What I Did 

Chapter Six:  If It's Broke, Fix It!  Developing Adaptive Coping Responses

Chapter Seven:  Helpless Hopeless, and Fearful Thoughts

Chapter Eight:  The Role of Self Esteem

Chapter Nine:  Building Social Skills; Becoming Prosocial 

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Getting From Here To There:  A Self Improvement Workbook For Sex Offenders

Format: Workbook
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